The New Age Travellers

40 years in the making, "The New Age Travellers" brings together for the first time all of the artwork I've created, from the earliest pencil drawings in 1982 right up to the present day.

168 pages, 132 paintings and drawings, and limited to just 500 copies worldwide.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the success of my book a bigger and better 2nd edition is in the pipeline.

Front cover of book.
Inner page of book.
Introduction page of book.
Page 16 of book.
Page 70 of book.
Ken and bridget - life on the road.
Page 114 of book.
Portraits of travellers in book.
Painting the travellers - labour of love.
Portraits and paitning of double decker bus.
Page 152 of book.
Page 162 of book.
Further reading page.